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What is Sideline?

Cheerleaders will learn cheers, chants and stunts to perform at scheduled Mariner Jr. Football games. Materials and skills will be taught and reviewed at scheduled practices.

When & where are practices/games?

Practices will take place on Mondays & Wednesdays. They will be held at Mariner High School in Everett, WA. Games will tentatively begin at the end of August. Game locations can vary from Lake Stevens, Monroe to Arlington. Mariner Jr Football competes against other Wesco feeder Jr. Programs. Game times will be determined by the team that your Cheerleader will be assigned to Cheer for. More information will come as the season begins. Games are usually on Saturdays. 

What if we have vacations planned during the summer?

Communicate the dates of your vacation to your Coach so that they can plan for the known absence. This will be crucial once the team begins stunting at games. 1 absence can result into no stunting for the remaining of the stunt group, if given appropriate time, the Coach can adjust stunting positions so that it will not effect another team member.

What is your process for Drop Off and Pick Up?

Before the start of practice a Coach will meet the team down stairs at the main entrance to walk them to our practice location in the MHS Commons at 5:30pm. Please do not drop off your Cheerleader more than 10 minutes before the start of practice if possible. Exterior doors remain locked at all times. If you need to enter after the start of practice time please contact the Coaching Staff directly to have someone open the doors for you.

What will we wear at games/practices?

Spirit Packs will be purchased for the season. The Spirit Pack will include a Shell, Skirt, Hair Bow, Poms, Backpack and Jacket for game days. We will not be leasing uniforms out this season. A link will be provided for you to purchase your Cheerleader's Underliner  and Boy Cut Briefs. Another link will be provided for you as a recommended cheer shoe to purchase. It is not required to purchase this exact shoe, just recommended. If you prefer another brand, that is fine, the only requirement will be that they are all white and an athletic shoe. No Vans or Converse! Please be sure to purchase these items by the Scheduled Team Picture Date. No jewelry will be worn while cheering. For safety purposes and also to abide by State rules, please have your cheerleader remove ALL jewelry before the start of practice/games. Practice clothes attire follow the Mukilteo school district clothing policy. Please be sure to have t-shirts covering your Cheerleaders mid-drifts for safety purposes. 

Do parents bring snacks for their Cheerleader's Team?

An organized snack bag signup will be available for parents/guardians to sign up once the football game schedule is posted. Sign ups are electronic and first come, first serve. Additional directions will be sent out with the provided link once available. 

Will my Cheerleader get to meet any MHS Cheerleaders?

Absolutely! MJC is a feeder team to MHS. We have a partnership called The Marauder Mate Program. At the start of the season your Cheerleader will be paired with an HS Cheer. Throughout the season their Marauder Mate will guide them through athleticism and leadership. 

What are Spirit Pins?

Spirit Pins are a sportsmanship tool that teaches its participating members to recognize others in the sport through an act of kindness. At halftime of each game our team will walk over to the opposing team, greet them and will hand Each Cheerleader a Spirit Pin. We will do this for both home and away games. Throughout the season it will also help to increase your Cheerleaders confidence as well as to additionally normalize the act of positively celebrating others. Each member will receive a Spirit Pin starter kit in the beginning of each season. Each kit will consist of materials to make your Cheerleaders first batch of pins. Directions and examples will also be provided for your convenience. 

How do you communicate with your Parents?

MJC uses a Communication App called Game Changer. Once you have paid your registration fee and complete your registration process you will be sent access to join your Cheerleader's Team on Game Changer. From the app you will be able to view your calendar, receive notifications of any schedule changes as well as have a means of direct contact to your Coach and fellow Cheer Families. Expectations and guidelines will be given once you have joined your Cheerleader's group.


Buidling Community Relations

Meet other Cheerleaders from different teams. Step out of your comfort zone to connect with a new friend. All opposing teams are local, building relations at any early age adds value and positively into the community.


Work in a Team Setting

Gain experience in group settings. Learn how to troubleshoot and utilize your resources. Make memories with Teammates. Build confidence and learn skills together. 

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Spirit Packs

We will not be leasing uniforms this season! You will keep the entire Spirit Pack once the season is over! 

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